Arran Sly Height

Interesting Facts

Arran Sly was born in the year 1993. He is an English model known for being part of being the DNA Models in New York. Apart from being a model in DNA Models, he also worked under Marilyn Agency in Paris, d’management group in Milan, Models 1 in London, View Management in Barcelona, nest model management in Berlin, Scoop Models in Copenhagen, Core Artist Management in Hamburg, Two Management in Los Angeles, Allure Agency in Sao Paulo, MIKAs in Stockholm, MC2 Tel Aviv, and Elite Toronto in Toronto.

In one of his interviews, Arran shared how he stays fit. He said he always visits the gym. He also shared his favorite piece at the gym. He stated, “My favourite piece is the pull up bar, you can actually do quite a lot with it. But ideally I prefer working out with no gym, outdoors, doing exercises that require no equipment. I think it’s truer to your body and gives a more rounded workout, as well as being more fun! So push-ups, sit-ups, handstands, climbing trees, running around like a mad-man doing flips and cartwheels… etc.

He added, “But obviously many people, including myself, have limited access to the space needed for this, so the gym is certainly a great alternative. Actually, skipping is a good one too.

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