Charlotte McKinney Height

Interesting Facts

Charlotte McKinney is a renowned model born and raised in Florida, USA. Presently, she is residing in Miami where she continues to work as a model. Apart from modeling, she is noted to be a fan of traveling to different destinations.

In one of her interviews, she said that she’s very serious with her healthy lifestyle. According to her, “I am always practicing a healthy and active lifestyle by choosing healthy food options on the go and finding time to get my work outs in. I’m a total yoga fanatic & am always searching for a studio to get my yoga flow on.

Now what’s her typical workout in a week? “For my weekly work out I alternate between hot power yoga and Pilates, she said. “I love the way both these work outs give you long lean muscles instead of bulking you up. Not a huge fan of that look. A combination of the two are sure to do the trick! If I’m traveling and neither are an option, I like to take power walks on the beach and practice my postures there.

And her diet? “My favorite go to healthy food would be any kind of fresh fish or anything with quinoa. I keep a consistent diet of lean proteins to keep me full & energized through the day, she explained.

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