Elisa Sednaoui Height

Interesting Facts

Renowned model, actress, philanthropist, and film director Elisa Sednaoui was born on December 14, 1987. She is known to be of Italian, Egyptian, and French descent. She had her first feature film called Sarunas Bartas shown in December 2010 in Paris. The said film gave her the opportunity to play the main role Gabriella. Two years later, she again appeared on screen, playing the role Ann on Frederic Beigbeder’s L’amour dure trois ans. The same year, she portrayed the role of a lost girl on La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser. In 2013, she lit the big screen once again by participating on the film Les Gamins, playing the role Irene. Recently she was seen on Soap Opera and acted as Francesca.

To come up not just with a beautiful body but also with a flawless skin and strong physique, she regularly makes it a point to exercise. Her exercises, according to her, include running and Pilates. “I used to dance when I was younger, but I was lazy for many years. Lately I’ve started running and doing Pilates, she explained.

Not only is she a huge enthusiast in exercises. She’s also a healthy eater. “I wake up in the morning and do smoothies, she revealed. “I’ve found that spinach— it sounds disgusting, but it’s very good— can be sweeter if you add berries and banana and apple. Now there’s a new smoothies recipe we can add to our diet menu. Thank you, Elisa!

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