Jackie Collins Height

Interesting Facts

Jacqueline Jill Collins, better known as Jackie Collins, is an English best-selling novelist born on October 4, 1937 in Hampstead, London. She is known for her first novel The World Is Full of Married Men which was published in the year 1968. Although the said novel was a bit controversial, it didn’t serve as a hindrance  for her fame. And although it was banned both in South Africa and Australia, still it became US and UK’s bestseller. In 1969, she was able to publish her second novel which was titled The Stud which also became a bestseller. In 1984, she again created a stir when she wrote another bestseller which was called Sunday Simmons & Charlie Brick. Few years later, she wrote various novels which eventually made her become a notable and sensational author.

In one of Jacke’s interviews, she shared that she always makes sure to live in an active lifestyle all the time. She said, “I have a gym in my house– which, of course, I never go to. So I swim and play ping pong. I used to be good and beat all my daughters’ boyfriends.

And what’s her secret to stay young and pretty? “The secret to looking good is to have a passion in life, to do something that you really love– to wake up in the morning and know that it’s an adventure and it’s going to be a great day, she expressed.

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